Organic 2 Review Problem 545

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APPENDIX 529 ELECTRIC SHOCK Switch off. Treat for burns as necessary. If the patient is in a state of "shock" (i.e., pale, faint or collapsed, sweating, cold) treat by lying flat, or preferably with the legs raised approximately one foot, loosen clothing around the neck, keep warm but not hot (one to two blankets) and transfer to hospital or obtain medical attention urgently. TREATMENT OF FIRES. Clothes. Laboratories should be equipped with a sufficient number of fireproof blankets, so that a blanket is available at any point of the laboratory at a few seconds' notice. Each blanket should be kept in a clearly labelled box, the lid of which is closed by its own weight and not by any mechanical fastening, which might delay removal of the blanket. The box itself should be kept in some open and unencum- bered position in the laboratory. The blanket when required should be at once wrapped firmly around the person whose clothes are on fire, the person then placed in a prone position on the floor with the ignited portion upwards, and water poured
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