Organic 2 Review Problem 547

Organic 2 Review Problem 547 - (iii) Experiments in which...

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APPENDIX 531 The precautions mentioned in the previous paragraph if observed will prevent this occurrence. (ii) Igniting an inflammable gas before all air has been removed from the containing vessel. Whenever an inflammable gas is collected, a sample in a small test-tube should first be ignited at a safe distance from the main experiment. If it burns quietly, without any sign of even a gentle explosion, the main body of the gas c'an be safely ignited —although even then, this should be done with the smallest volume of gas suitable for the purpose concerned.
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Unformatted text preview: (iii) Experiments in which metallic sodium has been used (e.g., the preparation of ethyl acetoacetate), and in which the product has subsequently to be treated with water. Great care should be taken to ensure that no unchanged sodium remains when the water is added. SPECIAL CAUTION. Safety goggles should always be worn over the eyes when carrying out potentially dangerous operations, e.g. vacuum distillations, distillation of large volumes of inflammable liquids and experiments employing large quantities of metallic sodium....
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