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535 PHYSICAL CONSTANTS OF ORGANIC COMPOUNDS. The following classes of organic compounds are arranged approximately in the order of the Sections 9-25 given on pp. 316-318. In the case of compounds having more than one reactive group, the derivatives noted are the fully sub- stituted derivatives that would normally be obtained if an excess of reagent were used: e.g., the methyl ether of a dihydric phenol is the- di-methyl ether, the benzoyl derivative of a diamine is the dibenzoyl derivative,
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Unformatted text preview: etc. The following abbreviations are used: anhyd., anhydrous; d. y with decomposition; subl., sublimes. When, in a column headed ** M.p.," a value is given in parenthesis, it indicates that the compound is liquid at room temperature and that the value given is consequently the boiling-point. Conversely in a column headed "B.p.," values given in parenthesis are those of the melting-point. A blank space indicates that the compound has not apparently been recorded....
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