Organic 2 Review Problem 561

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Unformatted text preview: 546 TABLEXIII. ESTERS. In view of the difficulty of arranging esters in a chemically logical sequence they have in the following table been arranged in order of increasing (liquid) and m,ps (solid). Other esters are given in Tables XI and XII (pp. 543-545). The values for esters of polybasic acids refer to the fully esterified product. Methyl formate Ethyl formate Methyl acetate Iso-propyl formate Ethyl acetate Methyl propionate n-Propyl formate Iso-propyl acetate Methyl iso-butyrate Iso-butyl formate . Ethyl propionate n-Propyl acetate . Methyl butyrate . n-Butyl formate . Ethyl iso-butyrate Iso-butyl acetate Ethyl butyrate n-Propyl propionate Iso-amyl formate. rt-Butyl acetate Iso-propyl H-butyrate Iso-butyl propionate w-Propyl n-butyrate n-Butyl propionate Iso-butyl isobutyrate Ethyl lactate Iso-butyl butyrate Cyclohexyl formate rt-Butyl n-butyrate Iso-propyl lactate . Cyclohexyl acetate Diethyl oxalate Di-iso-propyl oxalate LIQUID B.P. B.P....
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