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Notes 1 Dec - Disorders

Notes 1 Dec - Disorders - Mood Disorders EXTREME highs and...

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Mood Disorders EXTREME highs and lows major depression one or more major depressive episodes 2 or more weeks of depressed mood, followed by at least 4 weeks of depressive symptoms symptoms: loss of sleep, loss of appetite, anhedonia, suicidal ideation, loss of sex drive bipolar disorder Type I one or more manic episode followed by major depression manic episode: increased self-esteem, flight of ideas, talkative, higher energy, increased risky behavior (sex, drugs, bad business ventures, shopping sprees) typically must be hospitalized Type II one or more hypomanic episodes followed by major depression cyclothymia two years of depressive and hypomaniac symptoms cycilng regular dysthymic disorder two years of consistently depressed mood may be periods of no depression causes low amounts of serotonin SSRI Seasonal Affective Disorder learned helplessness low self-esteem and rumination Anxiety Disorders extreme anxiety and distress generalized anxiety disorder pervasive and persistent anxiety with no cause panic disorder
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