Notes 6 Dec - Therapy

Notes 6 Dec - Therapy - Therapy various psychological and...

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Therapy various psychological and biomedical techniques aimed at treating mental disorders many different types of therapy not all types work for all people can be expensive and times consuming many people who need it can't afford it stigma of seeking help therapists taking a psychological approach use the term client therapists who take a medical/biological approach use the term patient Steps in therapy identify the problem what's going wrong? identify the cause of the problem what could have lead to this problem? decide a method of treatment different types of treatments can be used for different types of problems Who practices therapy? psychoanalysts practice Freudian therapy Ph.D or M.D. psychiatric nurse practitioner similar to psychiatrist nurse practitioners license and training for prescribing drugs clinical/psychiatric social worker deal with the environmental causes of mental disorders MSW pastoral counselor spiritual guidance and counseling; deals with mental disorders and family/relationship problems Insight therapy intended to change the way you think, feel, and approach life and its complications by getting you to. .. Freudian psychoanalysis classic insight therapy freud used methods to probe the unconscious in order to determine the cause of the person's problem Rorschach, TAT, free association Neo-Freudian psychoanalysis similar thinking and methodology, but got away from some of Freud's extremes
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Notes 6 Dec - Therapy - Therapy various psychological and...

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