Notes 17 Nov - Personality

Notes 17 Nov - Personality - Personality all the...

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Personality all the psychological nuances that provide a source of consistency between different situations made-up of all the little processes and behaviors that can consistently be Biology see a strong tie to the frontal lobe (Phineas Gage) partially explained by the presence and absence of neurotransmitters Environment socialization and upbringing personalities of those around you culture individualist collectivist What is it made of? dispositions (simplified pattern of stable personality manifestation) temperaments traits Temperaments originally described as the results of different chemical levels now described as a biological basis for environmental interaction shyness or moodiness they both influence the environment we surround ourselves in which in turn influences other characteristics of our personalities they also show up early and are pretty persistent the influence of our environment on our personality is presented in traits Traits stable characteristics of our personality that guide our behavior under different
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Notes 17 Nov - Personality - Personality all the...

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