Notes 18 Oct - Memory

Notes 18 Oct - Memory - Eyewitnesses usually don't pay...

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Eyewitnesses usually don't pay attention to specific details absent-mindedness how relevant is it to you? transience how are specific questions about the event worded? suggestibility repeated retrieval each time you retrieve the memory there is the possibility of making misattributions Retrieval of Memories depends on the type of memory implicit are you consciously aware of the information? most procedural memories you just act, you don't need to be conscious of the different steps required in the action explicit active retrieval of specific information most declarative memories things you are fully aware of retrieval cues related to the encoding process of memory priming increasing the likelihood of a memory being retrieved by presenting something associated with that memory unaware that the memory is being retrieved as an implicit memory meaningful organization if the gist of the information is the most important aspect, it is much easier to associate it with previous information, but if you are trying to remember exact details it becomes much more complex recall and recognition recall: retrieval of information with very few retrieval cues recognition: retrieval of information with specific and familiar retrieval cues other factors specificity how well do the retrieval cues match the cues used to encode the information? very specific ones might make certain information difficult to recall, especially if it is context defined failure to recognize/identify a person outside of their usual context mood-congruent memory retrieval of memories congruent with current emotional state
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Notes 18 Oct - Memory - Eyewitnesses usually don't pay...

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