Notes 27 Oct - Consciousness

Notes 27 Oct - Consciousness - Chapter 8 Consciousness What...

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Chapter 8 - Consciousness What is consciousness? the computer metaphor consciousness is what is displayed on the screen, while everything else going on in the background represents unconscious activity for the most part we are unaware of this background activity, but occasionally it gets thrust into our consciousness strict behaviorists are not fans of consciousness they believe that the behaviors that lead to or are a result of certain bodily/emotional states are far better studied than non-empirical constructs structuralists like EB Titchner tried to use introspection to study consciousness the brain process that creates our mental representation of the world and our current thoughts two basic components attention focusing on a single chunk of information in working memory figure-ground metaphor you can only have one figure, everything else is ground working memory place where sensory and long-term memories are combined and manipulated Consciousness in Psychology started to see a strong resurgence in the 1960's with the innovation of brain imaging techniques (the birth of cognitive neuroscience) starting to see some well-formed ideas conscious process processes we are aware of, usually one at a time by attention (serial processing) nonconscious processes unaware of them, multiple processes happening at once (parallel processes) Treisman and Gilade's visual search visual search experiments designed to sort out serial vs. parallel processing when the screen comes up, search for the target Main facts about consciousness allows for mental model creation allows us to be able to create a mental model of the world. This model we are able to manipulate in our minds. Using this mental model we can think about our possible responses to a situation and go through how well they will work
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Notes 27 Oct - Consciousness - Chapter 8 Consciousness What...

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