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Notes 29 Nov - Psychopathology

Notes 29 Nov - Psychopathology - Psychopathology patterns...

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Psychopathology patterns of emotions, behaviors, or thoughts that are deemed inappropriate for a situation, and lead to personal distress or inability to achieve goals synonymous with: mental illness, mental disorder, psychological disorder 46% of Americans will suffer a psychological disorder at some point in their lives 1/5 of the population suffers from a psychological disorder each year History historically psychological disorders were believed to be the result of demonic possession or witchcraft torture or exorcism in the 18th century it is seen as the result of a disease of the mind medical model assumes every disorder can be cured with some pill or procedure patients were now treated like sick people instead of demons or witches Psychological models social-cognitive-behavioral approach mental disorders are the result of complex interactions between cognitive faculties, behaviors and the environment biopsychology approach
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