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Quiz 1 CS 2110 February 8 Name: NetId: 1. What IDE(Integrated Development Environment) does the CS 2110 Staff recommend using for this class? (a) Eclipse (b) Dr. Java (c) NetBeans (d) Emacs 2. Integer num1 = new Integer(2110); Integer num2 = new Integer(2110); System.out.println((num1 == num2) + ", " + (num1.equals(num2))); What is the output of the previous code? (a) ”true, true”
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Unformatted text preview: (b) ”true, false” (c) ”false, true” (d) ”false, false” 3. Animal parrot = new Bird(); What is the static type of the field above? (a) Bird (b) Object (c) Parrot (d) Animal 4. Which is the correct google group for this class? (a) cornell-cs2110 (b) cornell-cs3110-sp11 (c) cornell-cs2110-sp11 (d) cornell-cs2110-sp10 1...
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