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Thrifting Essay - Ben Swofford 11/10/2009 Thrifting Essay...

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Ben Swofford 11/10/2009 Thrifting Essay On Tuesday, November 3, our American Studies class took a field trip to the Valley Thrift in Fairfield, Ohio. The store of post-consumer goods was an opportunity to discover the effects of global market trends at a local level. I looked at these effects specifically within a rack of men’s button-up shirts. One of the shirts that I observed was a “Jos. A Bank” brand, which I found to be produced in Malaysia, a country of islands in Southeast Asia. It, like the other shirts, was in a relatively clean and good condition, but of questionable style. It was clear that it had been worn before, but was certainly not beyond the prospects of further wear, especially for the lowly couple of dollars being asked for it. This fact is what drives this second-hand clothing market. That this shirt had made it to Fairfield, Ohio, all the way from its original manufacture in Malaysia, halfway around the world, speaks a lot to the idea of globalization. A global network of trade is made evident and clear, simply by observing the tag of that shirt. A main cause of this globalized business
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methodology is found in the companies that distribute all shirts like this one. These companies are in constant battle to give the consumer the best product
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Thrifting Essay - Ben Swofford 11/10/2009 Thrifting Essay...

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