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wait say that again - H ayes 1 Ryan Hayes M rs. Morison Eng...

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Hayes 1 Ryan Hayes Mrs. Morison Eng 111 EB 5 December 2008 Wait a Minute, Say That Again? I can remember myself in elementary school. I was the kid that had to go to speech therapy and learn how to comprehend when I read something. After the end of 4 th grade, I grew out of my speech problems and was starting to learn the right way. Throughout my first eight years of school however, I still had problems remembering what I read. This applied to the classroom as well. I could not focus when I was reading or speaking in class. I always had great ideas, but I could never put it all together. Even today, Mrs. Morison commented to me that I have the ideas, but I have a weak spot when it comes to organization. …as I marched with my fellow comrades down to South, we fought in order to keep the Confederates from separating from the Union. I was a regular soldier under General Sherman, a bright guy, but he had a tough time controlling his squad. I respected the man greatly, but I could see that his lack of organization affected the regiment. We were sitting on the Tennessee border for weeks, because Sherman was not sure where to attack, and how to
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Hayes 2 do it. Since I had many ideas on what we could do to make the regiment more efficient, I thought that I might be able to help him. “General Sherman, can I talk to you?” “What do you want Hayes?” “I realize that you are having trouble deciding where to place your next attack. And
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wait say that again - H ayes 1 Ryan Hayes M rs. Morison Eng...

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