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Hayes 1 Ryan Hayes Lance Cummings ENG 112 4 May 2009 From Single to Multiple “What is America?” That was the first question that we discussed in English 112. When I first heard this question, I thought it would be easy answer. Everyone came up with freedom, ability to rise to the top, and so much more. And since “everyone” seemed to agree on the same concepts in the classroom, no one disagreed. I thought reexamining our ideas of America, like in the syllabus, would be a waste of time. As we went on, I would have never thought of America being single minded. Not only that, but America does not really consider the views of other people in America, because we as Americans think we are the greatest. Although it may seem that way, by the end of the semester, I began to realize that we need other opinions. After reading the texts for the course, I have learned to respect the multiple views of America, because it is the only way we can learn about ourselves. If we were not such a single minded society, this country would really be the greatest country in the world in the eyes of others. As the semester went on, my writing improved as I learned more about America. After receiving my first essay back, I did not want to relate to America. I thought I had this idea about America down, and that there was no way that I could get a C on the paper. I quote from Cummings, “I am telling you all now, I am not an easy grader when it comes to essays”. Well, he was right about that, and it was frustrating. The one thing he mentioned throughout the course was developing an idea. The problem for me was that essays were still difficult to develop because it is tough to see beyond a great idea. You can have a great idea, but still receive punishment because it is not developed. All right, I’ll admit, I was being a bit of baby during this first sequence. That when I realized that a great
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Hayes 2 essay has to be looked over many times. By the end of the course, I was able to realize that developing ideas will still be a difficult task, but at least I will be able to learn from this class through my experiences of America. For example, I believe that the very next sequence was my strongest paper by far. Sometimes, you need to learn from your mistakes to become a successful writer. The difference between the second sequence and the first was that I was able to see a connection . Connections make development so much easier, and I was able to make connections through my research. Not only did I learn about America, but I learned about Kafka’s life, and his culture in Prague. After this point, I saw the mission of reexamining America without even learning that much about our own country. Discussion within the classroom and the journals were great ways to find out everyone’s views of
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PORTFOLIO - Hayes 1 Ryan Hayes Lance Cummings ENG 112 4 May...

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