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AUTHORITATIVE REGIMES - Michael Bustin Resource 6 HST 198...

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Resource 6 Michael Bustin HST 198 Prof. Rose Authoritative Regimes By definition, authoritarian government means a government that is controlled by a small group of elite officials 1 . Using this definition, most governments today and in the past can be viewed as an authoritarian government. Since the definition points out that a government is controlled by as small group of elite individuals, this shows how most governments and societies can be classified. Even the Untied States can be considered a type of authoritarian government. Putting that fact aside, there are different types of authoritarian governments. I will discuss the differences between the German Nazi Party under Adolf Hitler and the democratic government of the Untied States. To begin, both countries are controlled by an elite group of individuals. The small percentage of the total population controls each government. In Nazi Germany, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party gained control of the country after Adolf Hitler became the German Chancellor and took over the country in 1933 1 . The whole ideals of the country were best described by Heinrich von Treitschke, that “The state is not physical power as an end in itself; it is power to protect and promote the higher interests. Power must justify by being applied for the greatest good of mankind. It is the highest moral duty of the state to increase its power” 2 . The same principle can be pointed out in the Untied States, as Congress, the President and the House of Representatives tries to improve and protect the US’s interests in the world.
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Also both countries have their citizens decree an oath to their countries. Though both may seem different, they both have their citizens and in the case the SS members of Germany to pledge their allegiance to their leaders. The American Pledge of Allegiance has been driven into every American’s head, for the most part due to repetition in elementary school. The immortal words of "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands: one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” remind all Americans to their service to their country.
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AUTHORITATIVE REGIMES - Michael Bustin Resource 6 HST 198...

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