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“The simple loyalty of the Germans contrasts remarkably with the lack of chivalry in the English character” (Treitschke) “The state is a moral community, which is called upon to educate the human race by positive achievement. Its ultimate object is that a nation should develop in it, a nation distinguished by a real national character. To achieve this state is the highest moral duty for nation and individual alike.” (T) “At the moment when the state cries out that its very life is at stake, social selfishness must cease and party hatred be hushed. The individual must forget his egoism, and feel that he is a member of the whole
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Unformatted text preview: body.” (T) “The state is not physical power as an end in itself, it is power to protect and promote the higher interests. Power must justify by being applied for the greatest good of mankind. It is the highest moral duty of the state to increase its power” (T). “Only the truly great and powerful states ought to exist. Small states are unable to protect their subjects against external enemies.” (T) “The idea of perpetual peace is an illusion supported only by those of weak character.” (T)....
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