Meiji Restoration

Meiji Restoration - Meiji RestorationThe Meiji Restoration...

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Meiji Restoration- The Meiji Restoration occurred after the Japanese civil war in 1868. The civil war occurred because powerful Daimyos in the south were tired of a weak decentralized government ran by the Tokugawa Shogun. The government was based in the north in the capital city of Edo (Tokyo), and this allowed the Satsuma and Choshu domains to develop stronger due to less oversight by the Shogun. The first straw for the two domains of lower Japan was when the Shogun signed the Treaty of Kanagawa, which was modeled after the treaty that the Chinese had to sign after the Opium war. That treaty was named the Treaty of Nanjing. The signing of this treaty began an underground movement of people calling for the destruction of the Tokugawa and the banning of foreigners. The so called final straw was when French and British ships began to shell the southwestern coasts in 1864. The shogun did not react and this infuriated the two southern domains, and civil war broke out. The Choshu and the Satsuma domains teamed up and after an intense, yet short civil war, the
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