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The Human Record CH. 1

The Human Record CH. 1 - that allowed people to pay of...

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The Human Record: Chapter 1 “The Age of Faith” was basically the High Middle Ages, in which the Catholic Church played an important role in politics of many European kingdoms. o If the followers would follow all of the church’s doctrines and practices then it would ensue “eternal salvation”. Schism, scandals, political problems, deficits and poor and uninspired leadership caused the downfall of “The Age of Faith” o A Protestant revolution led by the German friar Martin Luther occurred in 1517 and Luther challenged the Catholic Church and scrutinized the doctrine
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Unformatted text preview: that allowed people to pay of priests to excuse themselves of their sins. o By 1650 Protestants overwhelmed England, Germany, Scandinavia, Scotland, the Netherlands and many Swiss cities. • Education flourished during the Protestant Revolution, because of the Protestant view on studying the bible. o Literacy within the women population increased tenfold during spread of Protestantism. o Women also begin to have more power within the Protestant family and were not condemned as witches unlike their counterparts in Catholic countries. o...
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