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Universal Declaration of Human Rights- The growth of human rights began to gain influence during the middle of the 20 th century and along with religion influencing politics, they began to gain evidence on the world stage. Though the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created in 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly, it had its predecessors. Legal documents around the world carried many of the ideals that were included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These include the French Declaration of the Rights of Man (1789), the US Constitution (1788) and the US’s Bill of Rights (1791). The Declaration of the Rights of Man, was created during the French Revolution, and held the statements of political right within France. The two US documents were created after the US independence from Great Britain, and offered political and social protection to all US citizens and that everyone in the country are equal. Using many ideas that were presented in articles and government documents, the UN was able to
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