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Vladimir Lenin- Vladimir Lenin founded the Bolshevik party in 1903. The group was based off of the Communist ideas of Karl Marx. Considered Social Democrats, the group demanded equal right for all members of Russian society and backed a revolution to overthrow the Russian Tsar. While Lenin was exiled in Switzerland, the February Revolution occurred in Russia. Tsar Nicholas II was confronted by the Russian public for holding himself and his court extravagantly and for being corrupt. When food ran out in the capital of Petrograd, the city went berserk. There were massive riots everywhere; most would be held by women factory workers, who demanded more money and food. Soon the Tsar decided to step down and the Russian Parliamentary parties formed a Provisional government. Lenin was able to sneak back into Russia, be the help of the Germans. The Germans believed that if Lenin got back into Russia, that Lenin would start a revolution and cause the Russians to cease fighting with the Germans. Their plan worked and Lenin preached his ideas and grew a massive
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