POL SCI Part 4

POL SCI Part 4 - POL SCI Part 4 Characterstics of Europe...

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POL SCI Part 4 Characterstics of Europe before WW1 German Empire Unification Ottoman Empire o Failing Ottoman Empire Russian Empire o Still ruled by the czars France and Britain o France had the largest, better equipped, better trained and lead army o British had many territories and a strong navy Otto von Bismarck was determined to unify Germany. He was the chancellor of Prussia, and wanted Prussia to be the center of a new German Empire. Everyone thought that the French would destroy the Germans if they attacked and believed that Bismarck was crazy. Franco-German War Humilated the French, crowned King Wilhelm in Versailles, in the Hall of Mirrors, marching through the streets of Paris, and taking from the French Alsace and Lorraine. French decided that they would need to purge all of their defense tactics if they went onto the offense. Wore red coats and blue bottoms, to have the Germans see the French attack as they run with their bayonets. o This was plan 17 which also included taking back the former French provinces. Germany believed that they had to beat the French within six weeks and the Germans knew a good part of the French plan for invasion into Germany. Schlieffen Plan was for the Germans to stay on the defensive against the Russians, and sneak into Belgium then attack the French from the north. In the early part of the century France, Britain and Prussia would never invade Belgium no matter what. The Germans inherited that treaty, but decided against that and attacked.
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POL SCI Part 4 - POL SCI Part 4 Characterstics of Europe...

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