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Political Science Notes

Political Science Notes - Political Science Notes As of...

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Political Science Notes As of 9/9/09 Politics- Involves a situation in which involves solving a problem or instituting a new policy. Can’t create a policy without money. Conflict comes from the winners and loser of policy changes. Winners benefit from new policy changes, and usually don’t benefit from the policy currently in place, vice-versa for Losers. Harold Lasswell- “Politics is who gets what and why.” Capitalist System is based off what few people can specialize in and will be paid tremendously for this. Politics exist at the Individual Level- Between two individuals. Small Group Level- Between two small groups. Community Level National Level International Level o Different then other levels because this level is under anarchy and the UN does not control the whole world. Governments make and enforce laws. o World Trade Organization (WTO) has a little leverage over other countries by imposing trade levies, but still it does not have absolute power over them. o Militaries also influence world politics. o Sovereignty- Every member of the UN has the right to make their own laws without interference from any other countries. o Subordination- Everyone is beneath the law. o Law at the international level uses coordination .
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o Coordination- Law has to be agreed on by all involved. o Potential for catastrophe is the last difference between national and international politics. Even small breakdowns can engulf the whole world into catastrophe. Example: When Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, World War One erupted. J David Singer suggested that one 1 st step to write the levels of analysis. Identify a cause and cut it out and get rid of it, at the Individual level. Country level- There is a problem in society that causes this disruption. Systemic Level- The argument is against the way the world works causes the problem. o British caused many Middle-Eastern countries and can be possibly be blamed for modern day warfare. o Systemic Solution- Go to the UN and get a resolution passed and have the UN proceed. Example: George H.W. Bush thought that Saddam Hussein was the problem in the Middle East (individual level), but instead Bush used a systemic solution. This was the wrong course of action, because it only reinforced Hussein’s power. Human Nature- Essential characteristic passed by all people that motivates them to do what they do. Human nature has been talked about for centuries. Same for everybody. Thomas Hobbes and John Locke disagreed about Human Nature. o Hobbes wrote “Leviathan”, Locke wrote “Of Civil Government” o Hobbes thought people with no restraints would become nasty and would commit crimes against each other. Hobbes believed that we needed a powerful government, a central government so that no one will challenge it and they would police the country.
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Political Science Notes - Political Science Notes As of...

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