Political Science Notes Part Three

Political Science Notes Part Three - Political Science...

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Political Science Notes Part Three US Entrance into World War 2 US president Woodrow Wilson believed that there had to be change in world politics. National self-determination Less military build-up Spread of democracy More international trade o More international trade would stop wars with each other because it would cause bad business. The American people did not like Wilson’s new post-war policies in international politics, they didn’t like international trade, they also wanted the US to have a strong military and didn’t like national self- determination. Americans also didn’t want to get in European politics. o Especially when Mussolini and Hitler came into power. A law was passed that restricted trade to Europe: Soon Americans companies couldn’t sell to any products to countries at war, US ships couldn’t ship any US goods or carry passengers to Europe, and banks couldn’t loan any money to the Europeans. When Germany attacked Poland and killed ¼ of the Polish population, US Congress routinely looked for ways to help the “good guys” of World War 2. They began the policy in which the British and French would buy (in cash) US ammunition and other war goods and they would have to bring them back using their own ships. May 10 th , 1940, Germany attacked and conquered the French and sent the British back to In 1940, the US passed the 1940 Defense Act, which put economic pressure on Germany, but the US still didn’t want to get involved in the war. Winston Churchill asked if the British could have 50 old naval destroyers from World War 1 and in return the US would get to have bases in Bermuda. By December 1940, the Lend-Lease policy began, in which the US would loan their fellow democracies tanks and other war goods.
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The US believed that if the British lost the war then the Germans would This gave the most power ever to the president and allowed the president to give any US goods (military or other goods) to any country, anytime. o The president was also allowed to open repair stations for repairs around the world, so that they wouldn’t have to go back to their homeland. o And finally the US president was allowed to set a price of repayment of a country we help. In the summer of 1941, the US set up base in Iceland to protect against an attack against the Germans, and then the US announced that US ships would attack any German ships they see. The Atlantic Charter was created with the British in August 1941, and announced the spread of democracy and the US and British would not gain any territory after the war. The US entered the war because they were attacked by the Japanese in Pearl Harbor. They attacked because the US refused to sell them oil anymore and the US prevented
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Political Science Notes Part Three - Political Science...

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