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POLY SCI FINAL PAPER - Michael Bustin Political Science 271...

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Michael Bustin Political Science 271 B Final Exam Rothgeb Question #2 World War Two claimed the lives of over millions of people. On record it was the bloodiest war in human history. This war without a doubt would not have consumed Europe as it did if a couple of key countries decided to actually take a stand against German aggression. Instead of acting they justified the aggressor’s decisions in various ways. Besides Germany the other countries that could be blamed for the escalation of World War Two are France and Britain. German aggression was due to in the most part by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party’s (Nazi Party) leader, Adolf Hitler. Hitler gained control of the Nazi Party after leaving the German army in the early 1920s and created the SA during the start of control of the party. Hitler joined with the German war hero general Ludendorff in attempt to gain control of Germany. His attempt failed and in 1923 he was sentenced to 22 months in prison. But during his trial he was able to spread his message of change and hate across all of Germany and coupled with his book Mein Kampf which he wrote in prison, Hitler became a major political influence in Germany. Using his new found political importance, Hitler began to campaign for political power after his early release from jail, after 5 months in prison. He realized that he couldn’t gain control through military means so instead he got himself elected to as the German Chancellor. After being promoted as the German Chancellor he was able to propel his ideals then himself into complete power in Germany.
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While Hitler was gaining control of Germany the Western allies of World War 1 were just sitting around watching a man with an abnormal personality strategically take over a country known for aggressive wars and a booming industry. This was the first mistake Britain and
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POLY SCI FINAL PAPER - Michael Bustin Political Science 271...

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