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Bhutan Earthquake article

Bhutan Earthquake article - Michael Bustin Bhutan...

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Michael Bustin 9/22/09 Bhutan Earthquake On Monday September 21 st , there was a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in the country of Bhutan. The earthquake has so far recorded 11 deaths in Bhutan, four of which were construction workers for the government (CNN.com). Seven people were killed in the eastern districts of Munggar and Trashigang (cbc.com). There have been an additional 15 people injured and were rescued from piles of wreckage due to the earthquake. The earthquake also created a couple million dollars of damage according the country’s Home Minister Minjur Dorji (CNN.com). In addition to thousands of homes that were destroyed because of the earthquake many monasteries and dzongs (Bhutanese forts) were also destroyed. Another startling event that was caused from the earthquake was rock slides that were caused from earthquake. Rocks slides are not rare during an earthquake especially if the earthquake occurs near a mountainous region. Rock slides can cause serious damage especially when large boulders are displaced and start sliding down a mountain.
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