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Ethnography Perfect Dorm

Ethnography Perfect Dorm - What makes a perfect dorm room...

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What makes a perfect dorm room? Well for me it starts with the color of the room. Neon green paint across the room with a black stripe three quarters the way up the wall is how my dream room is. And on the walls there are posters of my favorite rappers, movies, and sports teams and athletes to set my room apart from any other room. The ground is far from the brown scratched linoleum tiles that cover the ground at McBride, but a finely polished black linoleum tile covers the ground. On top of the tiles is a black shag rug that is soft to the touch. To complement the walls and the ground, my queen size bed (which is at the perfect softness for me) has green sheets with a black comforter. Along with the comforter are 2 normal black pillows and one large black pillow which can be used in a variety of ways to be leaned on, such as watching TV, doing homework, or reading a book. To continue the theme of homework and other educational activities there is my desk, which is
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