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French Movies Project

French Movies Project - Guidelines for presentations In...

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Guidelines for presentations: In pairs, one group of three, grades are individual 10-15 minutes exclusive of film clip shown Grade breakdown: 60% content, 30% presentation, 10% participation during the other presentations (attention paid, questions asked, etc.) You will be expected to present an overview of the movie as a whole, as well as discuss the writer and/or director and their characteristics: What characterizes this writer/director? What is the historical/cultural context for this writer or director? How is this film representative of their style and social/historical context? In addition, you will specifically choose and present one scene from the movie (<five minutes) that you will put in context with the film as a whole, also explain it’s significance in style and in content for the movie as a whole and for the director. You must make an appointment and meet with me at least one day before your presentation to go over it. You must send me your powerpoint by this point in enough time that I can review it
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