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1 Michael Bustin Writer’s Memo Writing this ethnography had some challenges but all in all it the assignment was straight forward and I was able to quickly dive into writing. My first ethnography was of my room, but more importantly it was a description of my desk. I tried to incorporate as much detail as I could, but I also tried to keep the length of the ethnography down. The second one describes my Geology 111 class with Professor Paul Holm. The class which is located in Shideler Hall, has around 80-90 students and is lecture styled. This gave me enough cover to sneak notes about the class for me able to write about this class. The third ethnography depicts the movie Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift . This movie is probably my favorite movie of all time, and I have watched so many times that I could recant most of the descriptions without even opening up iTunes and watching the movie. My fourth ethnography is about my ideal/dream room. For this one I just imagined what I wanted in my room, and if anything popped up I would quickly write it down. My fifth and final ethnography was a “what if” scenario. After the beat down the University of Kentucky handed our football team, I wondered what if Miami football was actually good. I crafted a nice short fantasy story about this and if our team was actually good, (the story is even better now since our team went a miserable 1-11). This sequence paper was a nice way to start college and get all the nerves out of the way for the next four years. Walking into a dark room with lights off, conserving energy, this is the room in which a Miami student lives. To the left is the desk, the place where dreams are made and where the outlet to the whole world lays. Sitting there is a slick silver HP Elite Book Laptop. Packed into
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2 this sleek laptop are hundreds of pictures (most of which are of a trip to Paris to study at the Sorbonne years ago) as well as the portal into the digital world, the internet. This internet connects any user of this computer to a network in which sharing and dialogue between individuals around the world takes place. A shining blue light notifies the user that they are connected to the internet, which will allow them to print out all the web pages their heart desires. Next is the black HP Photo Smart printer which sits to the left of the laptop. Connected by a long gray USB wire, the Photo Smart printer is ready with its neon blue power button glowing. The glossy shiny coated black printer has a moveable top which hides the scanner and copier portion of the printer. Its ability to quickly print out copies of homework and web pages will put other printers to shame, while at the same time it quickly delivers its homework to a late student ready to sprint to class. Maybe after sprinting to class the student feels tired and may need to replenish their
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Ethnography Dorm - 1 Michael Bustin Writers Memo Writing...

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