Ethnography Tokyo Drift

Ethnography Tokyo Drift - In a city of flashing neon lights...

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In a city of flashing neon lights, filled with strange looking people with exotic fashions, one American must find his place in order to survive. Tokyo however has a niche for everyone. For want to be gangsters, to street racers, to even hardcore gamers there is a place in this metropolis. For this one American, after a day of solidarity in a secluded Japanese private school he finds his way to his first Japanese car show/street race, due to the friendliness of one army brat, portrayed as Bow Wow. This car show however is not like a typical one that would occur in America. Blasting techno music infused with the outlandish anime looking attire of the Japanese teens, (even including the hair) is rampant throughout the whole car show, which is located in a parking garage of a nearby office building. Sliding through the crowd, the American finds a familiar face in a sea of exotic tuner cars (in a every color of candy coated paint) and anime looking car enthusiasts. This face is of a girl who was in his first
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