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Journal Entry LFBJ - Michael Bustin Throughout history and...

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Michael Bustin 9/20/09 Throughout history and in the present the phrase, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” applies to countless political, social and economic issues. The phrase can be interpreted that if one injustice is committed by a person or group then what will stop that person or group to commit more injustices in the future. If those injustices are not acted upon it won’t it just spawn more injustices on a larger scale? This what Martin Luther King Jr. tried to point out in his letter, that if no one takes a stand to injustices then our society will be condemned to repeat itself over and over and the progression of our society will come to a halt and it will affect everything from to our national policies, economy and world trade, and our daily lives. Martin Luther King Jr. warned the clergymen in his letter that a weak and soft stance towards social injustices will only cause more injustices to occur. During the Civil Rights Movement this was a major piece of the puzzle for equal rights of everyone in all ethnic groups. This issue however is not only contained to the Civil Rights Movement.
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Journal Entry LFBJ - Michael Bustin Throughout history and...

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