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Unformatted text preview: Michael Bustin Journal Entry 1. My Style – Black Eyed Peas “My Style” is a song by the Black Eyed Peas that is all about having your own personal style. This can be applied to our free-writes and the class finding their true writing style while writing silently. Also the sequences 3 and 4 essay and project also allowed us to show our creativity as we presented the idea first into a creative essay then bring it to a new platform in sequence 4. 2. Through the Wire – Kayne West This is a person song for my experience in ENG 111. Coming into this class I was afraid that I would not perform very well since throughout my life I struggled in English, especially when writing essays. The song is all about how Kayne had to fight through adversity and I believe that this is a similar to my story and how I have came out of this class as a better writer. 3. I Can – Nas After taking this course, like in Nas’s song I know that I can accomplish whatever I want to, like writing an essay logos, ethos or pathos or writing an argumentative essay that could be published in a...
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