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On Seeing England for the First Time-Notes

On Seeing England for the First Time-Notes - The can of...

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“On Seeing England for the First Time” Notes By Jamaica Kincaid Within the first paragraph Kincaid uses Strict Observation Objective when describing the map of England o “The England I was looking at was laid out on a map gently, beautifully, delicately, a very special jewel; it lay on a bed of sky blue-the background of the map-its yellow form mysterious, because thought it look like a leg of mutton, it could not really look like anything so familiar as a leg of mutton because it was England-with shadings of pink and green, unlike any shadings of pink and green I had seen before, squiggly Another part using Strict Observation Objective was when the author describes and average meal before going to school. o “Each morning before I left for school, I ate a breakfast of half a grapefruit, an egg, bread and butter and a slice of cheese, and a cup of cocoa; or half a grapefruit, a bowl of oat porridge, bread and butter and a slice of cheese, and a cup of cocoa.
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Unformatted text preview: The can of cocoa was often left on the table in front of me. It had written on it the name of the company, the year the company was established, and the words ‘Made in England.’ Those would also have been written on the box the oats came in too” pg. 91 (W&P) • When describing the father’s hat the author uses Interpretation Subjective Account. o “The shoes he wore to work would have been made in England, as were his khaki shirt and trousers, his underpants and undershirt, his socks and brown felt hat. Felt was not the proper material from which a hat that was expected to provide shade from the hot sun should be made, but my father must have seen a picture of an Englishman wearing such a hat in England, and this picture that he saw must have been so compelling that it caused him to wear the wrong hat for a hot climate most of his long life” pg. 92 (W&P)...
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