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Prospectus Olympics - games is because it is a major US...

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Michael Bustin Prospectus I will argue that Boston should host the summer games in 2020 and is a perfect host for the games. This is an important issue for the Boston area because it will cause a great influx of cash if the games are held there. Also if the games are held there it will be the first summer games since Atlanta. I will write this essay not only for Boston natives, not even for US citizens but the entire world, to show why Boston is the ideal city to host the 2020 summer games. Of all the reasons Boston should hold the
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Unformatted text preview: games is because it is a major US city, it has historical significance to US and World history, it has plethora of stadiums already built such as Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium, the Banknorth Garden, Boston Colleges Alumni Stadium just to name a few. Also unlike many other major cities competing for the games, Boston has a minimal unemployment rate and a fraction of the amount of homeless people then other cities. Boston is the ideal choice for the 2020 summer games and they should host the games....
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