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I Michael Bustin 11/2/09 ENG 111 Prof. Bouldin Writer’s Memo When we were first assigned this project for the third sequence, I immediately knew what I wanted to write about. This was, in my belief, how the city of Boston should hold the Summer Olympic Games in the year 2020. This idea came up because a couple of weeks before, Chicago was eliminated from contention of holding the Summer Games in 2016. This helped me immediately think “What if Boston held the Olympics?” Drafting this essay was pretty easy. It also helped that I live in right outside of Boston and I know what there is to visit. This one the big reasons I don’t have as much in-text citations because I know so much about the city I live right next to. Boston’s uniqueness and familiarity is what motivated me to write my essay about choosing Boston for the Olympics in 2020. A Modest Proposal It was just announced that Rio de Janeiro was selected by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to hold the summer Olympics in 2016. This got me thinking: Boston should hold the 2020 Olympic summer games. Many may ask why should Boston hold the Olympics, and really, why shouldn’t Boston hold the 2020 Olympics? Boston, unlike many other cities trying to obtain the Olympics, has a lot to offer. The city has an amazing amount of historical significance, a plethora of attractions to visit, plenty of successful sports teams and a rich culture blended into Bean-Town. I believe that Boston should be the host of the 2020 summer Olympic Games, because it has more to offer than any other city and is the perfect location for the Games.
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II One issue that might be raised is that Boston is too small of a city to hold the Olympic Games. Yes, Boston is smaller than the four candidates of the 2016 games (Chicago, Tokyo, Rio de Janerio and Madrid) as well as the 2012 host city of London, and it is certainly smaller than
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Seq III paper - I Michael Bustin ENG 111 Prof Bouldin...

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