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Sequence II Paper - I Michael Bustin ENG 101 Prof Bouldin...

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I Michael Bustin 10/6/09 ENG 101 Prof. Bouldin Writer’s Memo The directions for this assignment was to pick an ad out of a magazine, off the internet, or a commercial on TV, then summarize it and write a rhetorical analysis of the ad that was chosen. For this assignment I wanted to pick an ad that could be easily criticized for sending a wrong image to the American population, but more especially to the American youth. So I figured that a cigarette ad would be the most logical choice and used a search engine to find a suitable ad. I landed on the Camel Cigarette ad because it was appealing to the eye and it had many things that I could criticize as well. This was my reasoning for choosing this ad and not another one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Camel: A False Image within an Image In this ad, a camel is shown smoking a cigarette and offering the reader the phone telling the reader “It’s for you”. This ad was paid for and sponsored by Camel cigarettes and they have a certain goal in this ad. Camel cigarettes’ goal is to try to sell their brand of cigarettes. That is the whole purpose of the ad, to sell their cigarettes. There are a couple of ways they try to encourage the readers to buy cigarettes from their company.
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II Of the couple of ways the cigarette company tries to encourage the reader to buy their cigarettes, the first way pops right out. This is how they say “It’s for you”. What they imply by this is that smoking cigarettes is for them (the reader). No matter where they are from or who they are, the Camel believes that smoking is for them. The cigarette company hides this by placing a phone in the Camels hand to avoid any backlash or legal disputes on their advertising campaign. The second way they try to entice readers to buy their cigarettes is by dressing the camel
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Sequence II Paper - I Michael Bustin ENG 101 Prof Bouldin...

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