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Debate Specifics - Debate instructions All debates are...

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All debates are friendly discussions of materials from alternate view points. Any nasty attacks on your colleagues will lower your grade. 1. Debates are organized as follows: Introduction: Pro: 5 minutes Con: 5 minutes Rebuttal Speeches: Pro: 4 minutes Con: 4 minutes Discussion and Cross-Examination (7 minutes). All members of a team must participate in the actual debate. I will keep time and cut off discussion if one team goes over. Time is short! You will need to very efficiently manage your use of time to most effectively present your case. Rules of Evidence Authenticity 2. Evidence must not be fabricated or distorted. Fabrication: falsely representing a cited fact or statement of opinion as evidence; or intentional omission/addition of information within quoted material. Distortion: misrepresentation of evidence or of citation which significantly alters meaning or content. 2. Appropriate sources include sources like- magazines, journal articles, newspapers, textbooks, and web sources. Blogs are not appropriate sources of information. In your debate, you should be sure to describe the basic concepts in adequate detail so that the class can follow. Use at least 5 sources. You must turn in a list of references for all of the material used, with your group evaluation. Debate Participation Evaluation, Zoo 121
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Debate Specifics - Debate instructions All debates are...

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