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ZOO 121 Take Home Essay

ZOO 121 Take Home Essay - Michael Bustin Professor Fisk Z00...

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Michael Bustin Professor Fisk Z00 121 2/22/10 Take-Home Essay: Question #1 In the year 1856 there was a large epidemic that effected a large population in London, and caused many people to get cholera and die from the illness. Stunned by the massive amount of deaths in a small isolated region in London (the Broad Street area), John Snow began to do some detective work to figure out what was causing all of these deaths. He found out that one of the water pumps that were used for drinking and cooking water was connected to a part of the Thames River which human waste was being dumped into it, and the water was being pumped into this well. John Snow figured this out by using the scientific method as well as collecting a large amount of data. John Snow figured out first where the contaminated water pump was, by collecting data. The data he collected was where the infected individuals lived. As he collected data he plotted
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