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Michael Bustin Professer Fisk Z00 121 2/12/10 Ecosystem Services: A Vital Part of the Existence of Man Though many believe that Ecosystem services really only pertain to a limited part of our society, this though is entirely inaccurate, and without many programs funded around the world, our way of life would be a lot less comfortable. First one must shake the imagine that ecosystem services only pertain to wild parks and the study of wildlife. This thought is very narrow-minded and only represents a small part of ecosystem services. Ecosystem services are vital to our way of life and influence and moderate many aspects of our life. First let us examine what exactly an ecosystem service is. Defined by the Ecological Society of America, ecosystem services “are the processes by which the environment produces resources that we often take for granted such as clean water, timber, and habitat for fisheries, and pollination of native and agricultural plants.” (ESA). Even with that definition it shows just a fraction what ecosystem services do for our daily lives. Other important products of ecosystem services are gas regulation, soil formation, water supply and regulation, pollination and for scientific research (genetic research) 1 . It is important that we support government ran ecosystem services because they help keep our planet stable and gives us many resources that are necessary to support human life.
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ZOO Paper #1 - Michael Bustin Professer Fisk Z00 121...

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