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REL FINAL TERMS COMPLETED - African American Nationalist...

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African American Nationalist Religions: Islamic Promoted Black Nationalism and created groups such as the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers. o Malcolm X was a high ranking officer of the Nation of Islam but then converted to the Sunni version of Islam and left the group, was later assassinated for the move. Three points of Black Nationalism: o Global Unity o Self-Determination o Separatism (Repatriation, and reparations and independence) Civil Rights Movement: Two different types of groups supported civil rights, the Christian groups which were non-violent and more Gandi-esque and Islamic groups which were more radical and more prone to violence. o Most well known Islamic group was the Nation of Islam which had under its umbrella, the Black Panthers. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were the most notable figures of the civil rights movement. Debate at Valladolid: From review notes Two Spanish philosophers/Dominican Friars debated whether the Native Americans were sub-human or people of God that had went astray. The Pro-Indian side eventually won the moral debate but the Europeans didn’t listen or follow his ideas. Denmark Vesey: From review notes Bought his freedom, and tried to gather a revolt against the slave holders and the governor. Someone snitched on the plans, and the conspirators were arrested. Vesey was later executed and the African Methodist Episcopal Church was burned down in Charleston. He believed he was a “New Israelite” Bought his freedom with money he made from being a carpenter
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Formed the AME church with 4000 African-American who left the churches of Charleston.
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