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Raboteau chapter 1 “As a result of this massive movement of people, Africans contributed not only their labor, but also their culture, music, dance, language, art, and religion to the multiracial and multicultural societies that constituted in this sense a truly new world” pg 14 “Religion provided Africans with rituals to celebrate important events in life, such as birth, coming of age, marriage, and death” pg 16 “European Christians, like Africans, believed that God created the world and sustained everything in it” pg. 17 “Over time, some slaves did become Christian. But this did not mean that they abandoned the religious beliefs and practices of Africa. Catholic slaves continued to observe African religious customs, such as venerating ancestors and praying to African spirits.” Pg 18
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Unformatted text preview: “Making creative use of the similarities between Catholicism and the religions of Africa, African slaves and their African-American descendants incorporated elements from Catholicism and from diverse African religions into new African-American religions” pg 19 “Precisely because of their adaptability, African religions could embrace new gods and new rituals without losing their fundamental character. It was their ability to change that allowed them to maintain continuity with Africa in the slave societies of America. The African spirits, called lwa in Haiti and santos in Cuba. . .the spirits were still served in accordance with the age-old African ways.” Pg 20 Chapter 3...
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