REL Terms for MidTerm

REL Terms for MidTerm - around Beecher’s lifetime •...

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American Exceptionalism Anti-Semitism Benevolent Empire Organized vigilance against practices that were deemed unchristian, like dueling and drinking alcohol. “A loosely related collection of evangelistic and reform societies led by both laity and clergy”. Pg. 178 Began in New England in the 1790s and was first organized by Timothy Dwight. Religious culture was shared both by denominational and interdenominational agencies. o It was also included into: Sunday schools, colleges, books, periodicals, sermons and hymns. The Benevolent Empires were very well organized societies that were first at the local and state levels, then later became national organizations. Most members were Congregationalists and Presbyterians. People in the western part of the country were more radical than the members in the east,
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Unformatted text preview: around Beecher’s lifetime. • Moral reforms included temperance and Sabbatarianism. Catholic Ghetto De Juro/De Facto Denominationalism • Different denominations of Protestantism • All versions emphazied three points: o Bible was the “sole source of revelations and religious authority” pg. 184 o An insistence on personal and emotional conversion o “Missionary Imperative” • Belief in voluntaryism , that it was someone’s choice to join the church, (since there was no official religion). Evangelical Protestantism First Amendment Fundamentalism George Whitfield The Great Awakening Historical/literal approach to the bible Issac Mayer Wise...
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REL Terms for MidTerm - around Beecher’s lifetime •...

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