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Plato - The Republic Questions

Plato - The Republic Questions - Is the tyrant the freest...

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The Republic – Plato Questions Day 1 Is justice for suckers? Are you persuaded by Thrasymachus that it is better to be unjust than just? Cephalus and freedom as self-mastery Is justice paying your debts? Is justice helping friends /harming enemies? Is justice “the advantage of the stronger”? Why does the ruler want to rule?
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Unformatted text preview: Is the tyrant the freest and happiest person? Can an unjust group accomplish its goals? Day 2 What is appealing/unappealing about justice as something like, “a place for everyone in his/her place”? Which society is more of a meritocracy Plato’s or our own? • Division of labor • Censorship • Noble Ties...
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