Character Descriptions Wicked

Character Descriptions Wicked - • Elphaba’s sister and...

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Michael Bustin Melena The mother of Elphaba, Nessarose and Shell and wife of Frexspar. She has affairs with other men and is unfaithful to Frex. Frexspar “Father” of all three children, Frex is a preacher of the Unionist faith. Galinda Middleclass Jealous of other girl’s wealth, and is very concerned about how she looks and what class it looks like she is in. Self-centered and only tries to improve her social status. Doctor Dillamond He is a goat, an Animal Possibly Upper-class, but is considered lower-class because he is an Animal. o Animal=Has a spirit, animal=regular animal Ama Clutch Galinda’s nanny Lower-class Madame Morrible Upper-class The Headmistress of Shiz University and works for the Wizard of Oz. Controls Grommerik Elphaba Loner, prefers to stay her to herself, but also when she connects with someone she becomes very loud.
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Green-skined, daughter of Malina and possibly Frexspar. Nessarose
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Unformatted text preview: • Elphaba’s sister and the child of Malina and possibly Turtle Heart. • She has no arms and needs the help of Nanny for daily life. • Galinda gives her magic ruby red shoes that let her walk without the help of others. Fieryo • He is Elphaba’s lover, but met her while attending Shiz. • He is the Prince of the Arjiki in the Vinkus. Wizard of Oz • He is the ruler of Oz and is trying to separate Animals from humans. Boq • He is a Munchkinlander and grew up in the same town as Elphaba. • He is infatuated with Galinda but never receives the same feelings from her. Liir • Young boy who accompanies Elphaba from the mauntery. • Possibly the son of Elphaba but it is not revealed and Elphaba doesn’t know if he is her son. Turtle Heart • Arrives when Elphaba is a small child, this Quadling has an affair with Melena and is most likely the father of Nessarose....
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Character Descriptions Wicked - • Elphaba’s sister and...

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