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Bustin 1 Michael Bustin Professor Toomey English 112 2/23/10 The Lost Chapter of Wicked: Dillamond’s Lab “Now isn’t that odd?” Ama Clutch says in her mind. “What was that bright green light that came out of Doctor Dillamond’s lab? I must see if Dillamond is all right.” Ama Clutch then turns to the girls and says, “Galinda you need your rest, you have a big day of school tomorrow, and you need to look your best. And you, Miss Elphie,” pointing at Elphaba, “you better put down that book and get ready for bed. You need to wide awake and attentive to help Dillamond properly in the coming days.” “Seems reasonable,” Elphaba responds. Galinda however barely acknowledges Ama, and responds by slightly nodding her petit face. Instead she turns towards her lamp, clicks it off, and pulls the covers over her head. “Well you two have a goodnight.” “Goodnight,” Elphaba happily responds. And with that Ama Clutch turns around and leaves the room. She softly closes the large wooden door (not to disturb the girls), and turns in the direction of the staircase closest to the door.
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She begins to walk down the dark corridor of the dormitory. She then passes through a doorway light brown doorway and down the spiral staircase to the exit. As she walks down the dark staircase, she begins to think. “Now wasn’t that odd,” she thinks to herself. “I wonder what Doctor Dillamond is working on that would make that bright green light. It’s probably some exotic concoction that he had specially formulated.” As she is thinking, she exits the dormitory, into the dark night. A cold brisk wind makes Ama grab hold to her soft gray cotton robe. As she embraces against the cold she ponders on what would keep Dillamond up so late. “Why would Doctor Dillamond stay up so late? What could he be working on anyways? What does he study? Hmmm . . . . Ahhh that’s right, I believe Elphaba said that he studying about Animals genetics. What a foolish thing to study anyways. Oh well, I guess I can see if he needs anything.” But as she walks across the quad to the Science building where Dillamond’s lab is located, she notices Grommerik creeping around the side of the building. “Now is that weird,” Ama Clutch ponders. “Why would Grommerik be out this late?” Though confused, Ama Clutch shakes the puzzled look of her face and continues into the Science building. She opens the large wooden door to hall and is hit by the warmth residing within the building. “Ahhh, much warmer” Ama Clutch mumbles.
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ENG Paper Wicked - Bustin 1 Michael Bustin Professor Toomey...

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