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Using Timothy Dwight's 1801 address to a congregation at New Haven as your primary source, discuss the concept of moral revival in nineteenth-century America. Select two passages (examples) from Dwight’s sermon to analyze and consider how he communicates the need for and strategies to achieve collective moral revival . You should relate this discussion back to what you have learned about the topic from your textbook. Please remember that this is an argumentative exercise; therefore, you should make a claim and proceed to support it with evidence drawn from your textbook and the supplementary Dwight reading. Responses should be between 500 and 600 words in length, double- spaced. Please submit your essays to Turnitin by Friday, February 26 and bring a hard copy to class on the due date. Comments: Essay grade:___________
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Unformatted text preview: REL 101 Spring 2010 GRADING RUBRIC FOR FIRST SHORT ESSAY This paper meets the basic requirements (font, word count, etc.) yes / no Content and Analysis: Excellent Good Fair Poor Unacceptable Has the student provided appropriate background information for the chosen evidence? How appropriate/relevant are the two examples selected from the Dwight reading? Has the student chosen appropriate evidence for the first example and used that evidence effectively? Has the student chosen appropriate evidence for the second example and used that evidence effectively? How well is the essay organized? Is there a clear thesis statement? Are there topic sentences and transitions? Is the essay concise? Does the student avoid unnecessary repetition? To what extent do grammar and spelling errors detract from the clarity of the essay?...
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