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Prospectus Wicked Retelling

Prospectus Wicked Retelling - Michael Bustin Prospectus for...

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Michael Bustin Prospectus for Wicked Retelling 1. Questions a. Why did Ama Clutch go to Doctor Dillamond’s lab, and what did she see? b. How did Ama Clutch get into a coma? c. What did Ama Clutch exactly see when she entered Dillamond’s lab? Did she talk to Dillamond before he died or was he already dead when she arrived with Grommerik over the dead body? 2. Summary a. After the two girls go to sleep, Ama Clutch notices the light of Doctor Dillamond’s lab and decides to investigate. As she walks down the hallway towards the exit, she notices out the window Grommerik creeping around outside. She continues down the flight of stairs and outside to the brisk night air. She enters the science building where Dillamond’s lab is located. She navigates the halls of the building to Dilamond’s lab. Doctor Dillamond is working in his lab when she arrives. They begin to start a friendly conversation. Soon the conversation takes a negative turn as the topic of Animal rights is brought up.
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