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Michael Bustin Toomey English 112 2/18/10 Writer’s Memo For this assignment, I planned to write about a missing scene from the book Wicked. This scene occurs the night of Doctor Dillamond’s murder. After reading the the sectin of the book that includes this event I decided that I wanted to explain the scene for myself using Ama Clutch’s view of the situation. When I started writing it, I followed the following questions. Why did Ama Clutch go to Doctor Dillamond’s lab, and what did she see? And, how did Ama Clutch get into a coma? Finally, What did Ama Clutch exactly see when she entered Dillamond’s lab?
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Unformatted text preview: Did she talk to Dillamond before he died or was he already dead when she arrived with Grommerik over the dead body? I used these questions to help point me in the right way in order to tell the story I wanted to tell. Also in the story I had to include a lesson. For this lesson, I used Doctor Dillamond and showed how he can be ignorant to other people’s ideas as well as assume things from people that he personally takes for granted, like education. This is just parts of how I wrote my story and drafted ideas for it....
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