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Michael Bustin 1. This clip is the trailer for V for Vendetta. This movie was one of the main reasons why I really got interested into politics and one of the reasons why I choose political science as my major. 2. This music video and song was my first exposure to hip-hop and now all I listen to is hip-hop and R&B. When the song first came out I really didn’t realize what it was about, but as I grew up and listened to it again I finally began to realize what this song meant. 3. This clip is a tour of Nice, France, and this a place where I have visited multiple times and where my second home is located, the south of France. One of the most vibrant and culturally
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Unformatted text preview: entertaining areas in the whole world, Nice is definitely a perfect get-a-way for and tourist from around the world. 4. This clip is of a player that plays on my dad’s semi-pro football team scoring a touchdown. Since my dad started coaching semi-pro football, it has made me a fan of football more than I probably would have if he didn’t coach. Because he was involved with the team I began to play football myself in middle school, up to my senior year of high school. 5. This clip is my new motto, and I try to live by this motto every day of my life. What Kevin Garnett says is true, anything is possible. Go Celtics!...
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