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Enron - Connor Billing BUS 101C Dr Luzadis Enron Case...

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Connor Billing BUS 101C October 28, 2009 Dr. Luzadis Enron Case Assignment 1. The key stakeholders in this case are definitely the owners, the consumers, and employees. The owners were interested in trying to keep Enron up and running even though it was failing. They were trying to maximize profits in a very unethical way, that was eventually recognized and caught by the SEC. The consumers do not play too large of a part in this case but they are affected because they are buying the product that Enron sells, and eventually they stop buying it and that is why Enron’s stock drops so much. Their interests in this are the same as it would be in any case. They don’t want their rights to be violated and they want to get the best quality product for the least amount of money. The employees are affected by this case because once the business starts to fail they are laid off, and when it finally totally goes out of business many employees lose their jobs. They are interested in keeping their jobs and not losing any of their
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