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Connor Billing November 4, 2009 Nike Case Assignment 1. The key stakeholders in this case are the owners, employees, community, consumers, and suppliers. The owner’s interests are to make sure that they lose as little money as possible through this debacle. They also want to maintain good standing and protect their brand name despite the bad things their business has done. The employees’ interests are to make sure that their rights as employees are upheld. The case shows that the employees were not treated right, or paid fair wages, and so obviously their rights were being violated. So, they would definitely be interested in having their rights. The community would be interested in making sure that the hazardous chemicals that Nike is supposedly using do not affect the safety of their living environment in any way. It is very possible that Nike could be polluting the area where they are based if they are using toxic chemicals. The consumers are interested, like always, in making sure that they get the best prices for the products for the best quality. The consumers don’t play
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